Accounting - How to create a better video repository of accounting resources? Your thoughts?

Hi everyone,

Thank you very much for all the insight. I've personally learnt a lot of things from reading through and only recently created an account to participate.

Quick intro + challenge faced:

Robert Kiyosaki and many others have been saying for years that financial understanding is the life altering difference between a successful entrepreneur and an unsuccessful one.

Sure, you might find a lot of blogs and industry resources on polishing your accounting skills. But, today's audience prefer to learn via YouTube videos while sipping wine and enjoying a meal on the deck.

On YouTube you'll notice very few channels providing any real value or teaching a concept with examples.

Sure, accounting principles might be difficult to grasp if one is starting out today. If explained with the right examples, in the right sequence, things get explosively better.

Your feedback required:

About 50-ish days ago, I started a Youtube channel for entrepreneurs covering business, finance, and accounting concepts. Apart from accounting concepts, there are videos on managing credit, understanding money, one or two case studies, etc.

Grow your Audiance with Blogs!

Youtube channels that are specific to learning account don't provide context or examples to help simplify the subject. There are also channels where you can watch 10+ minute videos and learn nothing of value.

People prefer to learn via video vs text.

3 Questions:

a) Why did you start learning accounting? What was your end goal? Did you want to pursue a career in the field? Start your own business? Hire your own accountant and not get ripped off? What's your story?

b) What was the easiest method / resource / effective manner of learning for you? and what made it so effective?

c) Here's a link to one of our latest videos on Recognising Revenue:

From a beginner's perspective, what would you do to make the content easier to understand?

Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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