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Stronger report functions for QBO Accountant and QuickBooks Online have come with a refresh of the accounting software programs in June. A new QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise level, which provides versions tailored to certain verticals as well as assisted payroll, also arrived with the revamp, Accounting Today reported.

Updates to the QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online Accountant report area include advancements that assist with sizable reports, bolstered data limits as well as search features, stronger navigation and easier scrolling. With the updates, users can also make more that one comparison in an individual report such as past period and period year-to-date. Additionally, the updates include an enhanced look and readability of reports on paper.

The Enterprise Diamond level now comes with flexible pricing policies. As a result, owners of firms can manage, tailor and automate pricing to attain their best possible levels of revenue. It also comes with advanced reporting, which offers personalized reports that are tailored to different sectors, and advanced inventory that has a main dashboard control order fulfillment. And assisted payroll helps with the handling of wages as well as the filing of payroll taxes.

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Additionally, users can use an add-on with Enterprise Diamond that brings together some accounting features with the client management functions of Salesforce CRM. The CRM connector, which can be tailored and is new, allows information to be harmonized in Salesforce CRM and Enterprise Diamond.

In December, Intuit, the firm behind QuickBooks, indicated that it was rolling out a bolstered online payroll suite to assist small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with tax filing as well as payroll automation. The suite comes in Elite, Premium and Core versions per news at the time.

SMBs typically take a week or longer to get their payroll ready, Intuit noted per a December report, and QuickBooks Online Payroll was meant to sizably reduce that time.

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